Planning 4

Town of Enfield, NH - 2012
Brandy Saxton, in partnership with Broadreach Planning & Design, assisted Enfield with planning for the growth anticipated along a section of Route 4 in advance of a sewer extension in order to ensure that the form and pattern of new development will be consistent with community goals. A design charrette was held to develop a shared vision for the future of the study area. The results were used to draft a form-based zoning district to implement the community’s vision for the study area.

Severance Corners Form-Based Code

Town of Colchester, VT - 2012
Brandy Saxton assisted the Town of Colchester Planning Commission and staff with final development of a form-based code for the town’s growth center at Severance Corners. This project included building a Sketch-Up model to test and visualize the form and pattern of development that would result from the new code.

Ticonderoga Land Use Code

Town of Ticonderoga, NY - 2011
Brandy Saxton worked with the Town of Ticonderoga from 2009-2011 to revise and modernize its zoning and other related local laws to implement the goals and policies outlined in the 2006 Comprehensive Plan. The resulting Land Use and Development Code features standards for the town's commercial areas to require higher quality, better designed development with design guidelines for large buildings, landscaping, signs, lighting, etc. In downtown, the code will ensure that new development is compatible with traditional downtown character (multi-story buildings built at the edge of the sidewalk, no parking lots in front, no residential on the first floor, etc.). The town's zoning map was redrawn in its entirety to establish new districts that largely follow property lines and are more similar to the Adirondack Park Agency Land Use Classes. During the 2-year process to revise the code, Brandy Saxton facilitated 9 public meetings to present the proposed changes and seek input from landowners.

St. George Land Use Regulations

Town of St. George, VT - 2010
Brandy Saxton completed a two-year project with the St. George PC to revise their zoning and subdivision regulations into a unified set of land use regulations, which were adopted by the Selectboard. Project included drafting of standards and guidelines intended to promote development of a village center and associated residential neighborhoods in St. George.

Richmond Land Use Regulations

Town of Richmond, VT - 2009/2010
Brandy Saxton worked on a two-phase project for the Town of Richmond. First, Brandy Saxton prepared a report for the Planning Commission outlining the regulatory options available to implement the town plan goals of protecting rural character in outlying areas while encouraging higher-density development within and adjacent to Richmond village. Brandy Saxton worked closely with town planning staff and the Planning Commission to revise the town’s land use regulations during the second phase of the project.

Bristol Extraction Regulations

Town of Bristol, VT - 2009
Brandy Saxton assisted the Bristol Planning Commission with researching options for the regulation of gravel extraction and developing draft language for inclusion in the town's zoning bylaws.

Rupert Land Use Regulations

Town of Rupert, VT - 2009
Brandy Saxton worked with the Rupert PC to revise their zoning and subdivision regulations into a unified set of land use regulations. Project included development of standards and guidelines intended to preserve working farm and forest land.

Ferrisburgh Land Use Regulations

Town of Ferrisburgh, VT - 2007
Brandy Saxton worked with town planning staff to revise the town’s zoning district map and regulations. The draft regulations implemented the town plan goals related to limiting strip highway commercial development along Route 7 by limiting areas within the corridor designated for commercial use. The draft regulations also focused on protecting the town’s significant natural resources, and included a series of overlay districts that would provide a greater level of review for future development.

Orwell Land Use Regulations

Town of Orwell, VT - 2006
Brandy Saxton worked with the Orwell PC to revise their zoning and subdivision regulations, including development of a telecommunication ordinance, switching the town to a PC/DRB system and preparing a unified set of land use regulations. The revision began with an intensive public participation process to explore changes to the town’s zoning districts and densities, which resulted in creation of a shoreline overlay district, separation of a village district from the pre-existing highway commercial district and a reduction in density with required PUDs for major subdivisions in the rural district. Project begun while with ACRPC and completed as private consultant.

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