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Barre City

Barre City Ordinance

The Barre City Planning Commission is working on a comprehensive review and update of the city's land use and development ordinance and zoning map. We will be using this webpage to post information about meetings, draft documents and more.

First Draft of Revised Ordinance

The first draft of the revised ordinance will be posted as each part becomes available (see links on left under Documents Available). The draft ordinance is organized as follows:

  1. General [ 100. Legal Framework | 110. Exemptions and Limitations | 120. Prior Applications, Approvals and Uses | 130. Nonconformities ]

  2. Zoning Districts [ 200. General Provisions | 210. Base Zoning Districts | 220. Overlay Zoning Districts ]

  3. Development Standards [ 300. General Regulations | 310. Site Design Standards | 320. Specific Use Standards | 330. Subdivision Standards | 340. Planned Unit Development Standards ]

  4. Administrative Mechanisms [ 400. Roles and Responsibilities | 410. Fees and Filing Requirements | 420. Zoning Permits | 430. Development Approvals | 440. Appeals | 450. Notice, Hearings and Decisions | 460. Violations and Penalties ]

  5. Definitions [ 500. General | 510. Terms ]

Proposed Zoning District Map

The Planning Commission is proposing comprehensive changes to the city's zoning map to address several recommendations in the City Plan:

  • Increase the number of residential districts and adjust the density of residential development allowed in various neighborhoods to better reflect the existing pattern and character of each neighborhood and to establish a logical transition from the highest density neighborhoods close to downtown to lowest density neighborhoods in the outlying parts of the city.
  • Provide opportunities for alternative uses of houses and properties that are adjacent to industrial areas and establish a buffer between residential neighborhoods and industrial areas.
  • Extend the downtown pattern of pedestrian-oriented, multi-story buildings located at or near the sidewalk north towards the Route 62 intersection as properties are redeveloped over time.

The map below or this KML file (requires Google Earth to open) offer a more detailed view of the proposed boundaries at the neighborhood or street level. Clicking on an area of the map below will pop up a box identifying the proposed zoning district.



     Urban Center 1     Residential 16
  Urban Center 2   Residential 12
  Urban Center 3   Residential 8
  Mixed Use 1   Residential 4
  Mixed Use 2   Civic
  Mixed Use 3   Conservation
  General Business    


Zoning Questionnaire

If you have applied for a zoning permit or other development approval in Barre City, please take a few minutes to answer some questions about your experience and satisfaction with the zoning ordinance and permitting process.




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