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Manchester Ordinance

The Manchester Planning Commission has undertaken a second phase of work to review and revise the town's land use and development ordinance. We will be using this webpage to post information about meetings, draft documents and more.

Draft Zoning District Map Revised May 2017

The Planning Commission has been considering comprehensive changes to the town's zoning map. An initial concept was presented to the public at the Moving Forward meetings on September 12 and 26 for discussion and feedback, and a second draft was presented on March 27. Over the past six months, the Planning Commission has continued to revise and refine the map and district standards based on public feedback, resulting in the map below. A final public meeting will be held to review the zoning map and standards on Monday, May 8 at 7 pm in the town office meeting room.

The map below or this KML file (requires Google Earth to open) offer a more detailed view of the proposed boundaries at the neighborhood or street level. Clicking on an area of the map below will pop-up a box identifying the proposed zoning district.



     Downtown District     Residential 10 District
  Town Center District   Residential 4 District
  Mixed Use 1 District   Residential 1 District
  Mixed Use 2 District   Rural Residential District
  Mixed Use 3 District   Rural Agricultural District
  Office Industrial District   Forest Conservation District
  Manchester Village


Project Schedule

The second phase of the revision project got underway in February 2016 and will be completed by May 2017. Project milestones include:

  • A series of public meetings to gather feedback on changes residents and business owners want to see made to the town's land use and development ordinance were held beginning with a "Big Picture" meeting on April 25, followed by a series of four Walk-and-Talks focused on specific areas of town in May, and concluding with a "Taking Stock" meeting in June.
  • Several alternative scenarios for revising the town's zoning district map and standards were developed over the summer.
  • A "Moving Forward" meeting was held in September to present the alternatives and invite feedback that the Planning Commission used to select the preferred alternative.
  • The ordinance was revised to implement the preferred alternative with a check-in meeting held in March to present the work done to date and invite feedback so that the Planning Commission could continue to refine the draft.
  • A final draft of the zoning district standards was released in May 2017.

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