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Draft land use code as approved by the Ticonderoga Zoning Committee to be sent to the Town Board for their consideration. Revision date: 30 Aug 2011.

Three final changes were made to the draft by the committee in August:

  1. The maximum residential density within the Downtown Business District was deleted. There would be no limitation on the number of upper floor residential units allowed within the downtown buildings.
  2. A provision was added to the Downtown Business District to limit the period of time (>90 days) a nonconforming ground-floor residential unit can remain unoccupied before the residential use is deemed discontinued and the unit could not be used as a residence again.
  3. The language related to fences within the Shoreline Residential District was deleted from 3.C|01.02.04. Fences in that district will be treated the same as fences within other districts outside the downtown area.

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