Orwell Trail Feasibility Study

Town of Orwell, VT - 2003
The Town of Orwell, Vermont wanted to develop a trail that would link its elementary school to the town’s recreation fields. A busy state highway with limited shoulders and no sidewalks that was too dangerous for unaccompanied children to walk along was the only existing connection. A large farm field between the two locations offered another potential corridor, but the site was difficult due to a steep hillside and wetlands. The study assessed the opportunities and constraints on five alternative alignments. Ms. Saxton worked on all phases of this project from writing the grant that provided funding to drafting an easement between the school and the property owner. She continued to assist the community in seeking grants to fund implementation of the proposed trail. Project completed while with ACRPC.

Essex County Empire Zone

Essex County Empire Zone - 2006
Brandy Saxton aided the Essex County, New York Empire Zone Board with preparing a new Development Plan in response to significant changes to the state legislation that authorized this economic development program. Seven distinct ‘sub-zones’ were delineated throughout the county. Brandy Saxton prepared the GIS maps and associated property information required for the designation process.

Adirondack Housing Maps

Adirondack Community Housing Trust - 2007
PlaceSense prepared a demographic analysis of renting households residing in the Adirondack Park and presented the results on a series of maps to be used for ACHT’s education, outreach, grantwriting and fund-raising efforts.

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