Waitsfield Town Plan

Town of Waitsfield, VT - 2010
Brandy Saxton worked with the Waitsfield Planning Commission on an update to the Town Plan. The project included a public opinion survey that was distributed by mail town-wide. Respondents had an opportunity to respond either online or by completing the paper form. More than 200 residents and property owners participated, many offering detailed comments on the important issues facing the community. Based on this input, the Planning Commission reviewed the plan goals, policies and recommended actions, and drafted a prioritized strategy to guide the town's efforts to implement the plan.

Starksboro Town Plan

Town of Starksboro, VT - 2009
Brandy Saxton assisted the Starksboro Planning Commission and Conservation Commission with an update to the town plan. The town focused considerable effort on revising the future land use section of that plan in advance of a project to update its zoning and subdivision regulations. Brandy Saxton worked with the Planning Commission to develop a series of three surveys that were distributed monthly in the town’s newsletter. That effort was followed by a planning workshop to gather further input during the planning process. Based on the considerable input received, Brandy Saxton worked with the Planning Commission to revise the plan.

Fairfield Town Plan

Town of Fairfield, VT - 2009
PlaceSense prepared an update to the Fairfield Town Plan, integrating the town's growth management program with the plan. A public workshop was held at the start of the project where participants were asked to consider various growth scenarios for the town over the next decade.The overall consensus was for Fairfield to maintain a very slow rate of growth with development focused within the town's existing village centers and areas close to the interstate and employment in neighboring St. Albans. After hearing from residents and analyzing population trends in the region, the Planning Commission decided to recommend a reduction in the number of permits issued annually for new, non-farm residences in Fairfield.

St. George Town Plan

Town of St. George, VT - 2007
Brandy Saxton worked with the St. George Planning Commission on a major revision to their Town Plan. Thirty years ago when the town last experienced rapid growth, St. George prepared an innovative and farsighted plan for building a village in a town that never had a center. While land was acquired for this purpose, the project never materialized. This revised town plan revisits the idea of a town center and sets forth a vision for how St. George should accommodate the next wave of development headed for the community.

Orwell Town Plan

Town of Orwell, VT - 2007
Brandy Saxton updated the Orwell Town Plan in coordination with the Planning Commission to reflect the public input received when the town explored changes to its zoning districts and densities, and asked residents about their vision for the town’s future. The revision resulted in plan that fully supports the drafted land use regulations.

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