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Here you can participate in shaping the future of Berlin’s town center. The workshop includes a number of activities that you can engage with – survey questions, photo preference questions, and image galleries you can view and contribute to. These are organized by topic across this and three additional webpages (see links below). At the bottom of each page you can post, read and respond to comments.

See the plan as it develops

Berlin Town Center Draft Conceptual Plan
“version 2.0”

The conceptual master plan continues to evolve and be refined as we work with our partners and hear from community members. The most recent version of the plan strengthens the new street and sidewalk network, and begins to transform the mall parking lot by introducing new blocks and buildings.

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9 comments on “Berlin Town Center Virtual Workshop”

  1. Reply
    Evan Meenan

    Thank you for the opportunity to submit comments. It is August 1, 2020, and I just reviewed the most recent version of the plan. I have some concerns that the layout of the parking relative to the sidewalks and buildings will continue to encourage car centric commercial development rather than an area of multiple shops, stores, and residences where the primary mode of travel (once you get to the area) is by foot. Specifically, it seems odd to me that each building appears to be served by its own parking spaces that are relatively isolated from other parking areas and that the sidewalks run in between the buildings and Route 62. It would seem to make more sense to flip that and instead have centralized parking that serves all of the buildings. That parking could be surrounded by sidewalks, green spaces, and areas for pedestrians to meet and interact before reaching the buildings, which would shield those spaces from the view and noise of Route 62. Obviously some parking would need to be near the buildings so that they are universally accessible. Thanks for considering these comments.

  2. Reply
    Erin Meenan

    I’m concerned that this plan will promote drive-in shopping instead of a nice walkable town center. The sidewalk runs along the outside of the area near some very busy roads, so it would be great to see that brought to the interior of the development. Perhaps parking could be along the outside with a nice walkable shopping and dining area on the interior. I am also concerned that nothing is happening with the mall. I thought that was going to be part of the redevelopment as it’s a bit of an eyesore.

  3. Reply
    allan ferver

    Once again, I will echo my comments from before,, the orthogonal layout of the buildings are dehumanizing altogether. The building placement at the entrance where the light is on Rt 62 are in curved placement, following the road. I am not certain how or why the the buildings in this current section are laid out on axis to the mall. The big natural feature here is the wetland, and this should be celebrated and focused upon, rather the Rt 62..this wetalnd/forest has the potentiual to be your best feature, yet it has not been integrated into the design at all,, why doesent the path come along the wetlant rather then rt 62? the pathway along 62 is not going to be pleasant at all,, it will be loud and gross.. why not switch the path’s focus to along and around the wetland/woods?
    Once again I comment on the green the green is way too tight with the buildings and parking . It should be given more breathing room. It could be a lovely space, as it is now it is just a gesture rather then an area designed for humans to enjoy. I can not understand why there is parking and traffic between the green and the Play area/wetland. How are kids getting back and forth here? It doesn’t work , please connect the “green” to the real green…this would add a huge dynamic of enjoyment, space and ease of use by people on foot, bikes and kids running and playing..,,All in all there is way too much going on here for human scaled design. This space is generally a poor compromise between ROI and people.. this is a big opportunity to make this area functionally beautiful, and pleasant space and a real Town Center. This is not a town center this is a commercial development being called a town center.
    Some details-, many of the building have no service areas shown in the design?- where’ s the trash, recycling, compost areas? How are the accessed? How about delivery trucks and store access for delivery? Lots of this detail is missing. I see commercial buildings with no delivery access? where are the back doors to the stores?
    The “service area” behind the quad of commercial buildings is going to ruin the path along the wetland that should bring you to the Green..
    Please let me know when you are going to have any kind of public meeting about the design, i would like to attend..

  4. Reply
    Therese Farrell

    I like that they included a pedestrian bridge. It would be great if the plan had a walkable Path that extended to the elementary school and included a pedestrian bridge over 62 as well. This would connect the area to the Berlin pond. I also think consideration should be made to move the municipal area out from next to the hotel and residential area. It would be better suited on granger road area or on rte 302. It is unappealing to look at next to the hotel and sends huge 18 wheeled gravel trucks though a residential zoned area.

  5. Reply
    Amanda Gilman-Bogie

    I really like the green spaces built into the current town plan including the large community green with stage (hopefully that means there will be some sort of summer concert series in the future), children’s play area and raised gardens. I also appreciate the multi use walking/biking paths throughout and am really excited about the elevated walkway through the protected wet lands as possible place for families to see wildlife. I know this is a huge project and I am in awe of the work done to make this a wonderful place for Berlin residents and visitors.

    I’m wondering how the retail and office spaces will be designed and whether these large footprints are intended for big box stores and strip malls (much less appealing) vs smaller boutiques, restaurants, cafes and retailers. Ideally the designated restaurant and patio should face the community green (more visually appealing for diners). I also really hope there will be consideration given to attracting businesses that will draw people to this space as a destination for activities, culture and entertainment and not just shopping. For instance, incorporating art, community theater, dining etc.

  6. Reply
    allan ferver

    I am not a fan of the current concept. Its way too 70’s. The orthogonal treatment of building placement ribboned with blacktop and parking shows very little imagination. Why is the Green surrounded by parking? Wheres the Post Office? Why is the restaurant and patio(s) so far from the Green? Why is the Green disconnected from the wetland (and the rest of the plan) with parking? Wheres the community garden plots? Wheres the berry planting and food forest.. why cant we bring some more modern concepts into this plan?
    Of course many details are missing- like where’s the stormwater management? Will that be integrated into the wetland space?… The main entrance off Fisher road looks down into the “service area” , why is the service area backing up to the wetland, the wetland should be a focal point, a feature, not the back of stores..the pedestrian plaza will be a hot, desolate disaster, it cant be welcoming at the current scale,,this plaza should look over the green and the wetland and the restaurant patios.. I could go on and on,,
    I am sad that this plan doesn’t try harder to make pleasant and interesting spaces…same old same old,,

  7. Reply
    Leeds Brewer

    I think the town center plan looks pretty good. The unfortunate part of the plan is the limited amount of space available. Although the total area is quite large. Some of the design choices really apply to larger developments. For example, wide sidewalks providing space for tables, benches and seating areas as well as walking and bicycling; water features like fountains; lots of shade trees; a play park/ball field; an event stage. All of this in addition to residential and commercial buildings and the necessary parking spaces for Christmas shoppers means that extreme care will need to be taken in the design of the general populace amenities.
    The Settlers Green area in North Conway is a good example of both the success and failure of the residential and retail center idea. As originally planned, it was designed as a shopping/retail complex which includes a hotel and residential housing in the immediate area. There are few amenities in the shopping areas to make the entire experience more pleasant, and everything basically bakes in the sun on a hot day. Further, the residential area is nearly invisible and many don’t even know it’s there. The reason for this is that the residential units were sort of ignored as the commercial side developed.
    The plan for BCS does not appear to have this problem since the residential units are well integrated in to the plan and less of a side thought. However, it doesn’t appear that there is sufficient room for much of the spacious open areas shown in the photographs. The BCS will have to be carefully designed to creat the feeling of wide open tree covered spaces without actually having the room for them.
    Also, where is the parking going to be for the residential areas? If the buildings are going to be reminiscent of individual housing as shown in some photos, parking will be at a premium. Square brick structures will possibly allow subterranean parking, but will also look like a huge shopping mall rather than a residential street

  8. Reply
    Wendelyn Bolles

    I like the draft for BTC. I especially like:
    – The multi-use bike path around the perimeter of BTC
    – The handling of the wetland with the elevated walkway. It would be nice to eventually add educational signs to the walkway.
    – The green space especially around the residential area. I like the central community green. It would be good to add a play area for children if we wish to attract young families.
    -The scale and intergration of the new retail / commercial buildings.
    Thanks for all of your hard work on this. I am looking forward to seeing more detail as the plan develops.

  9. Reply

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