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When you picture the town center 10 or 20 years from now, [su_user field=”first_name”], what does it look and feel like? What aspects of the town center at it exists today remain largely as they are, and what has changed or been added? The activities below will let you share your picture of Berlin’s future town center.

What are your priorities for the look and feel of the town center?

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What should be done to make the town center more friendly for pedestrian and cyclists?
What types of public space would you like to see in the town center?

You can express your preferences for the type of pedestrian improvements, bicycle amenities and public gathering spaces you would like to see in the town center by taking the photo preference surveys and sharing sharing pictures below.


Share an image of public space, pedestrian or bicycle improvements that you think would be a good fit in the town center.

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    Leeds Brewer

    Route 62 is a significant and ugly boundary that needs somehow to be overcome in the design and development of a real town center. How many town centers in VT are bordered by a high speed 4 lane highway? I know that access to route 89 is a necessary piece to the equation, but would it be possible to change the feel of it?
    For example, exiting route 89, is continuing a full 4 lanes beyond the Paine Turnpike intersection necessary? Could it be changed to 2 lanes between Paine Turnpike and the entrance to the town center light while still abiding by the multitude of local and federal rules regarding how lane changes must be designed? Has there ever been a traffic assessment done to determine how a town center will affect the route 62 traffic flow? If route 62 were changed to 2 lanes, could the roadside be eventually developed with retail and office space also as an expansion of the town center? I just like the idea of Somehow avoiding a major highway scar through the middle of an otherwise semi rural area.

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