Bolton Valley

The Bolton Planning Commission has hired the consultant team of PlaceSense and VHB, Inc. to create a master plan for Bolton Valley. The intent is to: (1) recognize that Bolton Valley is the primary population and economic center of the town, and (2) support long-term growth and transformation of Bolton Valley into a vibrant, mixed-use, year-round community.

September 24 Community Meeting

The Bolton Planning Commission hosted a meeting at the Bolton Valley Resort on September 24, 2019 with more than 60 community members present. You can download the presentation and meeting notes from the left sidebar.

Map Summarizing Ideas Developed at the Community Meeting

Residents Survey

In July and August 2019, we surveyed Bolton Valley residents to find out more about who lives on the Mountain, what their concerns are about their neighborhood, and how they envision the future of Bolton Valley. On the survey, residents described Bolton Valley as…

Word cloud from survey.