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Zoning Revision The Londonderry Planning Commission is working on a comprehensive revision to the town’s Zoning Bylaw, including a complete replacement of the zoning map and districts. The changes would affect all property in town. This holistic review and revision to the Zoning Bylaw was recommended in the 2017 Londonderry Town Plan. Chapters 1, 2 […]

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Bolton Valley

The Bolton Planning Commission has hired the consultant team of PlaceSense and VHB, Inc. to create a master plan for Bolton Valley. The intent is to: (1) recognize that Bolton Valley is the primary population and economic center of the town, and (2) support long-term growth and transformation of Bolton Valley into a vibrant, mixed-use, […]

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Downtown Design Plan The Town of Brattleboro is working on a Downtown Design Plan, which will describe and illustrate the community’s vision for future downtown improvements and projects. This planning process will address: Improving routes, access and circulation for pedestrians and bicyclists; Incorporating green stormwater practices into streets and public spaces; Identifying opportunities for creative […]

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