Zoning and Subdivision Revision

The Dorset Planning Commission is working on a comprehensive revision to the town’s Zoning and Subdivisions Bylaws, including a complete replacement of the zoning map and districts. The changes would affect all property in town. This holistic review and revision to the town’s regulations was recommended in the 2020 Dorset Town Plan.

The Dorset Planning Commission hosted  Community Meetings to present the draft, answer questions and take comments on the first draft of the proposed regulations in July. The Planning Commission considered all comments received and has further refined the proposed regulations in response. The PC sent a recommended draft to the Selectboard for their consideration.

Online Map

You can use the online map to find your property or other area in Dorset that you are interested in (updated 11 April 2023). The link will show you two maps side-by-side. The currently adopted zoning map is on the left and the proposed zoning. The zoning districts are shown if different colors.

You can enter an address in the search box (upper right) or just pan and zoom to find a specific location. If you click on a location, a box will pop up and tell you what the existing and proposed zoning districts are for that location.

Once you know the proposed zoning district(s) you are interested in learning more about, you can download the handouts for those districts (below). There are also other informational handouts available. You can download a copy of the proposed regulations and maps (below).

You can ask questions or make comments through the contact form (below) If you want to get paper copies of the handouts, maps or proposed regulations, contact the Dorset Town Office.

Draft Land Use Regulations

Documents Available for Download

In addition to a PDF of the proposed regulations in their entirety, there are also a series of maps and handouts available for download.

  • Comment Matrix (through 11 April 2023)
    This matrix was used to track changes made to the proposed regulations going forward from the first public review draft. It includes specific requests for changes to the proposed regulations. It is not inclusive of all questions or general comments received by the Planning Commission in writing or at public meetings. It summarizes the requests for specific changes to the proposed regulations and zoning map for PC consideration and the PC action on each.
  • Technical Review
    This document was prepared prior to the PC starting the revision to the land use regulations. It evaluated the adopted zoning and subdivision regulations against the policies of the town plan and identified out-of-date provisions that no longer conform to state or federal law.

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