The 2023 Putney Town Plan Update

The Town Plan defines a vision for our town, with specific goals, policies, and actions to achieve this vision. It must meet certain state requirements, including having sections on housing, energy, transportation, and resilience, among others. The Planning Commission will be seeking input from Putney residents.

The recent Library survey and the “Our Future Putney” project have already provided insight into what is important to people in town. In addition, the Planning Commission will be hosting a series of five meetings to explain the town plan update process and listen to residents (in addition to the regular Planning Commission meetings, which community members are always welcome to attend in person or remotely).

The Planning Commission is engaged with the three Our Future Putney Task Groups – Develop housing Solutions, Develop a Community Center, and Revitalize Downtown, and is working to learn from and include them in the drafting of the 2023 Town Plan. Here is a link to the website with the Final VCRD Our Future Putney Report and information about the Task Groups.

Town Plan Community Meeting

The Town Plan:

  • Guides the Selectboard, town committees and other community organizations as they set priorities, make budgets, and create new initiatives.
  • Guides state agencies as they make decisions affecting Putney, including the Public Utility Commission (renewable energy and telecommunications projects) and the Act 250 District Commission (larger development projects).
  • Frames our zoning regulations which shape land use and development.
  • Supports grant applications by showing why the town seeks funding for certain projects.

The last time we revised and re-adopted the Town Plan was in 2015. Under Vermont statute, we must update and re-adopt our plan every eight years. The Planning Commission is responsible for preparing a draft plan in accordance with state statute we are in the process of reviewing and revising the plan for re-adoption at the end of this year.

Here is where you will find updates, invitations to participate and early versions of draft plan content. The Planning Commission is aiming to have a public hearing on the 2023 Town Plan in July so the Selectboard can re-adopt it before the end of the year.

We encourage all residents to participate in this important planning process and make your voices heard!

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