St. Johnsbury

Bylaw Modernization

The St. Johnsbury Planning Commission is working on revision to the town’s Zoning and Subdivision Ordinance, to foster creation of quality housing that meets the needs of current and future residents. This project seeks to implement the policies of the St. Johnsbury Town Plan, align the town’s regulations with recent changes to state statute, and position the community to take full advantage of state programs and funding to support future housing and revitalization projects.

Block Analysis Dashboard

The project commenced with an analysis of residential neighborhoods within the areas of St. Johnsbury served by municipal water and/or sewer. You can view the detailed results online at the Block Analysis Dashboard.

The analysis found:

  • Additional residential zoning districts are needed in order to better calibrate dimensional standards to reflect the existing built form of St. Johnsbury’s neighborhoods and to promote housing choice at varying densities.
  • The density allowed in the current zoning ordinance is not constraining housing creation.
  • The dimensional standards established in the current zoning ordinance may be constraining lot creation within some blocks, but this limitation does not affect many lots.
  • The types of housing allowed in the current Residential A district is a more significant impediment to housing creation and is not compliant with recent changes to state statute (Act 47).

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Project Funding

This project is funded through a Bylaw Modernization Grant awarded to the Town of St. Johnsbury from the Vermont Department of Housing and Community Development.