Underhill Housing Needs Assessment

about the project

The Town of Underhill was awarded a municipal planning grant to conduct a housing needs assessment. To provide a more complete picture of the housing situation in Underhill, the assessment will:

  • Compile demographic, housing and economic data
  • Invite town residents to share their perspectives about housing
  • Analyze the availability and suitability of land for housing
  • Assess the implications of town regulations, policies and other actions on housing

Working on the Town Plan, it was clear that residents want Underhill where people at all income levels can afford to live. We also heard that residents want to protect Underhill’s rural character. This study will make recommendations for how we can successfully do both.

The Housing Needs Assessment will guide the Underhill Planning Commission’s consideration how to effectively address the community’s housing needs – thinking about the housing needs of people across age, income and household types – today and in the future.

community housing survey

Everyone has a housing story and the Underhill Planning Commission wants to hear yours. We are asking for 15 minutes of your time to tell us about your housing needs and preferences – what led you making Underhill home, why do you stay, how do you see your housing needs changing in the future, what are your hopes or concerns for your neighborhood and the community as a whole.

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