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Look and Feel

When you picture the town center 10 or 20 years from now, , what does it look and feel like? What aspects of the town center at it exists today remain largely as they are, and what has changed or been added? The activities below will let you share your picture of Berlin’s future town […]

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Things to Do

, would you like to be able to go out to dinner, meet a friend for coffee, take your kids to the park or do all your Saturday errands in the town center? The activities below will let you suggest the types of businesses, housing and public spaces that might be created as the town […]

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Getting Around

, would you like to see changes made to Mall Road, trails built in the town center, or improvements to bus service? The activities below will let you explore and make recommendations about how people might get around the town center in the future. How would you redesign Mall Road? STREETMIX INSTRUCTIONS You can go […]

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Berlin Town Center Virtual Workshop

, welcome to the workshop. Here you can participate in shaping the future of Berlin’s town center. The workshop includes a number of activities that you can engage with – survey questions, photo preference questions, and image galleries you can view and contribute to. These are organized by topic across this and three additional webpages […]

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