PlaceSense, LLC provides professional land use planning services in Vermont and across the Northeast. We have experience with a variety of projects, from small to large-scale, residential to commercial development, and rural to urban design. Established in 2005, we work with municipal, nonprofit and private sector clients to create places for people – communities with quality housing, strong economies, attractive public spaces, safe streets and healthy ecosystems.


PlaceSense, LLC offers a broad range of land use planning services with a specialization in land planning and development in small cities, towns and villages.

  • LAND USE REGULATIONS. PlaceSense has expertise in drafting land use regulations with a strong track record of successful adoption. We have supported more than 20 municipalities through a zoning update during the past decade.

  • HOUSING. PlaceSense conducts housing studies that assess community demographics, housing stock, and housing needs. We evaluate current regulations to identify barriers to housing and recommend housing-friendly amendments. We assist developers with planning and permitting housing projects.

  • DEVELOPMENT REVIEW & PERMITTING. PlaceSense provides technical review services to municipalities and training for administrative officers and review boards. We help prepare permit applications and present projects to review boards.

  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT & GRANT WRITING. PlaceSense supports clients through all phases of project development and implementation. We are familiar with federal and state funding programs for housing and community development. We write grant applications and mange grant-funded projects.

  • MASTER PLANNING. PlaceSense prepares concept plans that present realistic opportunities for infill, redevelopment and/or public improvements to further community goals for housing creation, economic growth, revitalization, public spaces and complete streets.

  • MUNICIPAL PLANS. PlaceSense helps municipalities create approachable and actionable plans that are responsive to local priorities and capacities. We have prepared more than 20 plans for communities in Vermont, New Hampshire and New York.