Ticonderoga Code

Brandy Saxton worked with the Town of Ticonderoga from 2009-2011 to revise and modernize its zoning and other related local laws to implement the goals and policies outlined in the 2006 Comprehensive Plan. The resulting Land Use and Development Code features standards for the town's commercial areas to require higher quality, better designed development with design guidelines for large buildings, landscaping, signs, lighting, etc. In downtown, the code will ensure that new development is compatible with traditional downtown character (multi-story buildings built at the edge of the sidewalk, no parking lots in front, no residential on the first floor, etc.). The town's zoning map was redrawn in its entirety to establish new districts that largely follow property lines and are more similar to the Adirondack Park Agency Land Use Classes. During the 2-year process to revise the code, Brandy Saxton facilitated 9 public meetings to present the proposed changes and seek input from landowners.

  • Client: Town of Ticonderoga, New York
  • Date: 2011